FAQ for Phase 2B

A) Time Sheet & Hours Clocked-In

  1. How often does the school update, tabulate and record the hours in the systems?     > Every month, in the last week.
  2. When do I hand in the time sheet?     > The last week of every month.
  3. What if I cannot submit my timesheet at the last week of the month OR submit them earlier, after I have completed my assignment? Will that be accepted?     > Yes, the office will accept that time sheet but they will not tabulate them till the end of each month.
  4. Who signs the time sheet?     > The person-in-charge of the event, e.g. the Teacher, EXCO members, or PVG Coordinators. This info       will be written in the ‘Parent Volunteer Request’ email send out under “details” of events.
  5. Can I get the Admin-Officer at the General Office to sign my time sheet?     > No, please contact the PV in-charge of the program.
  6. Are the Admin Staff allowed to sign my time-sheet?     > No, they are not allowed to at all times.
  7. How often will the school update me on the total no of hours recorded in the school system?     > The EXCO will update you per term and closer to registration date; it will be done quarterly.
  8. Can both husband and wife volunteer for the same event and both clock in the hours?     > Usually it is not allowed. However, if the school has a severe shortage of Parents Volunteers or a certain event encourages couple participations; only then would it be allowed.
  9. Can I send my Domestic Helper to replace me in an event?     > No, you cannot.
  10. Can I make private arrangements with Teachers and Admin Officers to help them and clock in the hours?     > No, all events volunteered for will have to be assigned by the EXCO.
  11. If I am the coordinator of a program or activity, can I sign on the timesheet for my fellow Phase 2B volunteers?      > No, you cannot. Only an authorized person i.e an existing parent identified by the EXCO, teacher or the EXCO themselves will be able to sign timesheets.
  12. How do I know that I have a fair chance of being selected to volunteer for an event?     > Job distribution is a transparent process. Assignment is strictly on a first come first serve basis.
  13. What happens if there is a request for volunteers at the last minute from the school?     > In such cases, volunteers would be given the job on a first-come-first-served basis as well; parent volunteers will be notified via sms or calls directly from the EXCO.
B) Registration
  1. When is my dead line to clock-in my 60 hours?     > By the end of May, in the year of your child’s registration.
  2. When is registration?     > Normally, in July.
  3. Does the school give me a letter to say that I qualify under Phase 2B?     > Yes, it does. If you have fulfilled your required hours; sometime in June, you will receive a letter from the school to say that you qualify to register your daughter under Phase 2B. You are to bring this letter together with all other required documents on the day of registration.
  4. What if I clocked in slightly less then the 60 hours, will I still qualify to register my child under the Phase 2B?     > No, you will not qualify to register your child under Phase 2B.
  5. Can the EXCO help me to talk to the school if I am short of the minimum required hours?     > The EXCO has no such authority or power to do so.
  6. Do I need to attach myself to a regular program?      > Yes. Participation in the regular programmes or activities is highly encourages as it will gradually and consistently increase your hours.
  7. Is the EXCO responsible to make sure that I clock my 60 hours?     > The onus is on you. The EXCO does not create events just so that the Phase 2B can clock in the hours. If there is a school event that requires the help of the Phase 2B Parent Volunteers, only then would we send an email calling for volunteers.
  8. What are my chances of getting my child into RGPS?     > No one can guarantee a place for your daughter under the Phase 2B scheme or be able to predict your chances.

C) Parking

  1. Can I park in school when I come for an assignment?     > No, you cannot. The school is severely short of parking lots for its own staff.
  2. Can I park in the school, if I have to deliver or fetch some heavy items to and from the school for activities?      > Yes, you may drive to the school and park for a short time to unload or load. You have to report to the security guard before you can drive in. As soon as you have loaded or unloaded the items, you have to park your vehicle outside of the school.
D) Reporting Procedures
  1. What do I do when I come for an assignment?
  • Sign in at the Guard House. Please state clearly the PURPOSE OF VISIT as the guard has every right to seek clarifications with the event organiser if required. Do note that security measures enforced by the school may change and/or tighten at any time should the need require and we seek your understanding to be cooperative at all times.
  • Then go straight to the General Office and sign into the Phase 2B book and obtain a security pass. (You are not allowed to go to the canteen or any other area of the school before signing in at the office and obtaining a security pass.)
  • Please state that you are a Phase 2B parent because the security passes are different for Phase 2B Volunteers and Parent Volunteers with children in the school.
  • Report to person in–charge.
  • For security reasons volunteers are not allowed to walk around the school other then their area of work.