About Us

Who We Are
RGPS Parent Volunteer Group (PVG) was started by a group of like-minded parents who had a keen interest in contributing towards the school community in which their child belong. Over the years, their passion and perserverance have helped the PVG to build a strong and trusted relationship with the school, the school advisory committee (SAC) as well as the alumni, through the alignment of its activities with the school’s mission and strategic thrusts.
By February 2008, the RGPS PVG has become a registered society and we would like to acknowledge the huge contribution from many parents who have made this possible. A copy of our Constitution Act, is available for download below.
In the RGPS community, we aim to cultivate the “L.I.N.K” culture which stands for : Linking Intentionally through Networking and Kinship with our children, parents and school teachers to nurture a comfortable and transparent relationship or fellowship like that of a family (koinonia).”

We also share in the school’s 5 values:
  • Be Gracious
  • Behave with Integrity
  • Be Responsible
  • Cultivate a Learning attitude
  • Creativity – ideas/solutions/approaches

Our Focus

To foster and strengthen PARTNERSHIPS with parent volunteers, RGPS Staff, SAC and Alumni through ALIGNMENT of its activities with the school’s mission and strategic thrusts and effective COMMUNICATION.

Reference: RGPSPVGConstitution.pdf