Welcome to the Phase 2B section!

Parents who are volunteering under Phase 2B are currently (as of 2022, subject to annual updates) required to fulfill a minimum of forty hours of voluntary work with RGPS. This participation will qualify the child to be registered under Phase 2B of the Primary One registration process. Placements in school are not guaranteed even after completing the required hours.

The Parent Volunteer Group (PVG) along with RGPS, conducts various activities, programmes and events for our girls. Parents who are successfully accepted as a Phase 2B volunteer will be able to participate in these activities.

As part of the PVG, volunteers also have the opportunity to understand the school’s vision, mission and environment better.

It is important that volunteers must have the mindset to look beyond the minimum stated hours; and see yourselves as partners of RGPS and be a part of the vibrant RGPS PVG!

Please click on this link for application details.