Join us as a PVG member

Dear Parents / Guardians,

PVG Membership is open only to parents whose child has been accepted, currently studying or previously attended and completed her education in RGPS.

As a PVG Member, you can play an active role throughout your child’s education in the school by volunteering in the respective activities that PVG partner the school in. Even if you do not have time to volunteer in these regular or ad-hoc activities, you still get to benefit by joining other activities like talks or sharing sessions by professionals that can help you and/or your child.

Ordinary Membership (Applicable for parents whose child is currently enrolled in RGPS)

A one-time non-refundable membership fee of S$60 PER PARENT (based on S$10 per year for 6 years) applies for all Primary 1 students and fees will be pro-rated accordingly if you join later while your child is Primary 2 to 6.

The membership will be registered under the parent’s name and either one parent can be a member. The fee paid per child is valid throughout their years in school.

Associate Membership (Applicable for parents whose child has previously studied and completed her education at RGPS until Primary 6)

A choice of one or two year membership is offered.

For this nominal contribution, all RGPS parents will be kept informed via email and the web, the many activities that they can participate and/or play a part in. There will be term gatherings where parents get a chance to network and find out latest happenings in the school. This contribution helps defray some administrative costs incurred for the running of the PVG, maintaining the different communication platforms, parent volunteers’ welfare, conducting of Induction Sessions for all Phase 2B parents, Art Workshops for our parent volunteers in preparation for them to conduct the Contact Time Classroom Programme as well as supporting events like Healthy Eating Week, Teachers’ Day celebrations, P6 Graduation party for the benefit of our girls. We hope all parents can support with this nominal contribution that will help build the vibrant community in which you and your child will belong.

Please make payment for membership fees here and follow subsequent provided instructions for completion of the registration process:-

If you have any queries on the Membership, please email us at