Principal’s Message

mrsyue1‘It takes a village to raise a child’ goes an African saying. Here in RGPS the strong partnership between the school and Parents Volunteer Group exemplifies this belief. The involvement of the PVG in the life of the school ranges from the running of Art and CDP programmes for the lower primary girls during the Wednesday Contact Time Sessions, the decoration of the school premises for the different cultural festivities, acting as chaperons for the swimming programme and other learning journeys to assisting in different capacities in the CCA and many others. Through the involvement, the parents role-modeled to the girls the active interest they have in their well-being and provide a significant adult figure beyond the teachers and their own parents. Through the PVG the school receives feedback on our programmes and issues of concern to parents, and works with the PVG to address these.

It is this strong support from the PVG that has added to the vibrant school environment in RGPS. This strong support stems from a culture of trust between the parents and the school and the common philosophy and goal that both share and desire, that is, every child matters and deserves to have the best opportunity to develop their talents and excel.

It is a delight to work with the PVG and all parent volunteers who have served tirelessly. The achievements of the school are possible in part because of the PVG. I look forward to another year of collaboration to widen the learning experiences for the girls, and together to make RGPS the dream school for the girls.

Warmest regards,

Mrs Yue Yoke Mun