PVG Membership Letter 2016

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Partner the School by Being a Member of the RGPS Parent Volunteer Group (PVG)

It is with the strong support from the PVG that has added to the vibrant school environment in RGPS. It stems from a culture of trust between the parents and the school, and the common philosophy and goal that both share and desire – that every child matters and deserves to have the best opportunity to develop her talents and excel.

This desire and trust has led to the PVG partnering the school in initiating, collaborating and/or carrying out different projects for the girls like the Character Development Programme (CDP) where songs and dance enliven the atmosphere. Contact Time Classroom for Arts and Crafts/games and books related to character building. CDP and CTC programmes are now incorporated into the curriculum. National Education projects like Racial Harmony week, Healthy lifestyle activities like Fruit & Vegetable Week, International Friendship Day are amongst the major events held yearly. Other projects include Interview Skills Workshop, Public Speaking Workshop, Mother Tongue Week, Mid-Autumn Celebrations, Family Science Club, Dads@RGPS and supporting of the different CCAs and many others!

Over the years, the PVG has dedicatedly built and fostered, and continuing to do so, strong PARTNERSHIPS with the school and its staff, the School Advisory Committee (SAC) and Alumni through the alignment of its activities with the school’s mission, vision and strategic thrusts.

And more importantly, we recognize that the PVG cannot exist without its members – the many parents who have given their time, talent and resources to help realize these projects!

The RGPS PVG is a registered society, and all parents with daughter/s in the school are strongly encouraged to join as its members. The constitution for the PVG can be found in the website:www.rgpspvg.org

A one-time non-refundable membership fee of S$60 PER CHILD (based on S$10 per year for 6 years) for all Primary 1 students starting school in Year 2016 is applicable. The membership will be registered under the parent’s name and either one parent can be a member. The fee paid per child is valid throughout their 6 years in school with effect from 1st January 2016.

The membership form is attached herewith, and all you have to do is to complete and submit the form together with the membership fees to the General Office or through the mail to the school. Payment to be made in cheque only and write payable to: 

Raffles Girls’ Primary School Parent Volunteer Group.”

For this nominal contribution, all RGPS parents will be kept informed via email and the web, the many activities that they can participate and/or play a part in. There will be term gatherings where parents get a chance to network and find out latest happenings in the school. This contribution helps defray some administrative costs incurred for the running of the PVG, maintaining the different communication platforms, hosting of our termly gathering for our members, parent volunteers’ welfare, conducting of Induction Sessions for all Phase 2B parents, Art Workshops for our parent volunteers in preparation for them to conduct the Contact Time Classroom Programme for our P1 & P2 girls as well as supporting events like Healthy Eating Week, Teachers’ Day celebrations, P6 Graduation party as well as subsidy of programmes for the benefit of our girls. We hope all parents can support with this nominal contribution that will help build the vibrant community in which you and your child will belong.

Parent partnership is crucial in the educational environment. Volunteerism and involvement in your child/ren’s community not only means much to your child/ren, you will also grow with them, and develop as a person.

Many PVG members who have come forward to actively participate in this partnership have found the experience enriching for them as parents to their children, as well as members of the RGPS and Singapore community.

We therefore encourage you as PVG members to also come forward to and contribute to the building of a vibrant, caring and effective learning environment for all the children.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Yue Yoke Mun
Raffles Girls’ Primary School
Mrs Sylvia Khoo
RGPS Parent Volunteer Group